Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Running again - hurrah!

After a break of just over 2 weeks from running due to an ankle/foot injury; this morning saw me venture out again and start back on my running journey. It was great to get out and be in the open air. I have tried to maintain some of my fitness by cross training over the past two weeks, using both the cross trainer and exercise bike but there is no substitution for running (well there isn’t for me anyway!) and today it felt really good pounding the pavements of Milton Keynes again.

It is clear that I have lost some of my running fitness but I was pleased with the 5 miles that I did this morning and I am looking forward to building it up again over the coming weeks in the hope that I can still partake in the Flora London Marathon on the 26th April. It will mean that I will have a shorter taper period than is ideal but I am happy with this compromise if it will see me safely to the start line on the 26th. I am also going to have to live with ‘just finishing’ and not getting carried away with aiming for a specific finishing time.....

Anyway, I am running again – today, this is all that matters!