Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oakley 20 mile race

Today I ran in my first ever 20 mile race; I have done shorter and longer distances but never 20 miles. I was looking forward to it as I was treating it as my long training run for the week and normally I have to do these on my own and I must admit that I do find these long runs really hard (mentally) when I am on my own.

The race was superb; the weather was sunny (although the wind was tough going at times) and the course was very scenic. It was undulating but I found it useful to have some hills in my training, normally my routes in Milton Keynes are flat (with the occasional incline) but we did have to run up some tough hills today and it was a good challenge. I will definitely be looking to run this again next year and as a bonus we got a really nice hoodie instead of a medal!

I felt strong throughout the run which has also given me confidence for the marathon. I am thinking I may need to do one or two more longer runs (probably another 20 miles this coming weekend followed by maybe an 18 mile run the week after) and then it will be time to taper J I am actually getting very excited about the marathon as its now only 4 weeks away!

If anyone is interested in the route and my stats for the race, they can be found here:


RoyMcC said...

You're flying - great to get that one under your belt pre-London. Just remember now not to get injured or sick!

Charlotte Dutch said...

Hi Roy, thank you so much for your sponsorship - I have reached my target which is fantastic and very, very, very much appreciated...thank you so much. Yes, trying hard to just keep my training going and not get injured...probably not going to get a PB this time round but I feel so good and happy to be running it doesn't matter! hope all is well with you...and we must try to arrange a joint running event so we can meet up - that would be great.