Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another early run!

This morning I did another early morning run. Unfortunately when I am working in London and commuting this is the only way to get a run in for the day; as I am too tired (and it is really too late) when I get home. So at 4:30am the alarm clock went off and I reluctantly got out of bed, put on my running kit and headed downstairs to the treadmill. All of which I did in a ‘sleepy trance’! Anyway the result is that once I set off and got into my rhythm I did a good, solid run; nothing outstanding, just a steady and controlled 60 minutes. Although it is tough getting up at this early hour, I am always really pleased with myself once I have completed the run; it does set me up for the day and I do start the day feeling a lot more energised – the down side of course is that by about 3pm I am starting to flag a little more than usual!

This week hasn’t really gone according to plan, so I was thankful to manage today’s run. Tomorrow I am hoping (assuming that I am not working tomorrow – I am still waiting to hear!) that if I don’t have to venture into London that I can get an ‘easy’ run in sometime late morning. Last week before my half marathon I didn’t run on the Friday or Saturday prior to the race, but as I didn’t do my scheduled run yesterday I think that I will venture out tomorrow but just make it an ‘easy’ and ‘slow’ run. Then I will take Saturday as a rest day prior to the Silverstone Half Marathon on Sunday.

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