Monday, March 30, 2009

Update on my cross training

As I haven’t been able to run for just over 2 weeks now I have turned to cross training on the cross trainer! The idea being that this is the only way for me to maintain my fitness levels without running. The pressure on my ankle/foot is a lot less on the cross trainer as the trainer itself bears a lot of the weight and therefore there isn’t as much pressure on my damaged ligaments.

It has been OK, although a little boring doing long endurance sessions. It also ‘obviously’ uses different muscles to running but hopefully it will allow me to return to running (almost where I left off) next week some time.....I really miss ‘just running’.

In terms of training this weekend; I didn’t manage quite as much as I had hoped to but I did manage a good 90 minutes on Saturday morning on the cross trainer followed by 30 minutes on the bike and then another 60 minutes on the cross trainer (3 hours in total). I had planned to do another session on Sunday of around 2 hours but unfortunately I didn’t feel so well in the afternoon, so I dosed myself up and had a very early night instead.

My only concern is that I still feel some pain when I ‘jog to catch the bus’ during the week or as I did on Saturday afternoon, jogged down the aisle at Tesco’s to get some bread whilst my daughter was waiting in the queue....even with simple things like this it still hurts (not excruciating pain but noticeable) which makes me concerned that 26.2 miles will just be too far....I am however staying in a positive frame of mind and hopeful that this week I will see a vast improvement....the good thing is that I feel a lot better ‘health wise’ this morning and my sore throat and aching limbs have gone this morning, so the early night seems to have done me some good. Although I am still popping the I don’t want something else to have to deal with!

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