Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My JustGiving fund raising page

My JustGiving fund raising page is now live and ready to take all of your wonderful and much appreciated donations!! The page can be found here:

As many of you already know, this will be my 4th London Marathon (and probably my last!) but I do intend to enjoy it and to raise as much money as I can for my charity.

My charity is called Climb Your Mountain (CYM). CYM is a unique and innovative charity based in Milton Keynes that helps people to climb the personal mountains that they face in life, whether it be depression, stress, anxiety, low confidence or low self-esteem. CYM offers support, training, motivation and opportunities to prevent, deal with and overcome issues. CYM does this by focusing on exercise and inspiring physical activities.

I would really appreciate it if you would help me with my challenge by sponsoring me; no amount is too small or too large!

Thanks everyone :-)

P.S. Although I say it will be my last London Marathon, it isn't necessarily going to be my last marathon: I have aims (some time in the future) to run a few European marathons and maybe even New York and Boston one day! However for the very near future (after London) I will be concentrating on my favourite running distance 'the half marathon'! :-)

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