Thursday, December 11, 2008

And finally a plan!

Well, I have finally got my act together and put together a proper training plan! I know, I know, you don’t have to say it, I know it’s about time I got my act together!

My aim for next year’s marathon is not to necessarily get a PB (although if that was to happen then of course it would be wonderful); however being realistic and knowing that I haven’t got anywhere near the base fitness now that I had for previous marathons, then I would be silly to go down the route of aiming for nothing but a PB. Instead I have decided that my main aim is to finish (of course!) but to also enjoy it...this isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy the last three, however it is fair to say that for the last two particularly I did push myself to the limits in the hope of fast and respectable times and although the event was still very enjoyable and more importantly I got the times that I was after I also added a lot of pressure to myself – so this time round it will be ‘no self inflicted pressure, but an enjoyable journey’.....perhaps this should become my new running mantra when the training gets tough!

Anyway, back to my training plan – with the above aim in mind, I have decided to set a plan based on ‘time on my feet’ rather than specifying miles. After all, the time I finish the marathon in isn’t my main aim, so the most important aspect of my training is building the fitness and endurance and that means just getting a plan together that will provide me with a lot of time on my feet! I’m sure no one is really that interested in my plan over the coming 20 weeks (yes, it’s only 20 weeks away....eek!!) but I have added it anyway....and it can be found on the sidebar on the right or HERE!


RoyMcC said...

Great to have you back Charlie!

Charlotte Dutch said...

Thanks a lot Roy, its good to be back!