Saturday, February 07, 2009

Lots of snow....

...which although it is lovely and I do in fact enjoy the snow, it isn't good for marathon training; however I am lucky enough to have a treadmill at home and this past week it has been a life saver in terms of my training. The red ways, paths and roads are today still covered with patches of snow, but more dangerous now is the ice. Anyway, it looks as if I will have to resign myself to treadmill training again for most of the coming week too.....oh well, as I say I am lucky, but I will be very glad when I can venture outdoors again.

This last week didn't go quite as I had planned it; but this was mainly because I was using the treadmill for every run and mentally I couldn't bring myself to do more than an hour on the treadmill at any given time. I did do two one hour sessions during the week, a 30 minute interval session and a 40 minute cross-country programme, so I feel I at least did some good training, but I missed my longer run this week and this is a little disappointing. If I do have to continue to use the treadmill all of this coming week, then I think I will have to dig out a really good DVD to watch that will enable me to pass through this mental 'hour' barrier that I seem to have with the treadmill. I haven't always been like this, as for previous marathons I have often had to resort to the treadmill because of bad weather or because I am travelling; and in the past I have done runs of up to 17 miles on the treadmill (insane I know!)...oh well maybe it's just because I have been so used to the fresh air over the past couple of months that it will just take me a little longer to get used to the treadmill and its limited surroundings.

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