Sunday, February 15, 2009

Touch and go for a little while!

This week has turned out well although it was touch and go in the middle of the week as due to the way things panned out during the first half of the week, by Thursday I found myself with only one run under my belt! However, I managed to claw everything back on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and ended my running week on a high, with my longest run to date.

So all in all everything has turned out OK, but I am still a little concerned that I am not getting the longer runs in and realistically I should be running a lot further than 9 miles as a long run at this stage in my training; so I think this coming week I need to really up my training to the next level. I also feel as if I need to get a couple of races lined up to get me used to racing again, as it has been a few years since I did a 'proper' race.

It will be a challenge this week as I am going to be working in London a few more days than normal and I think this will be the case for the next few weeks, so I don't think I have any other choice than to start getting up earlier and getting some running done before the day starts! A few years back I used to do all of my running early in the morning, I had no trouble getting up as early as 4am if I needed to get a decent run in before the day began, but these days (perhaps this is an age thing?) I find it a lot harder to get up earlier! However, I do remember the feeling of satisfaction of getting a good run in and completed before most others had even risen for the day; it gave me a real sense of achievement and did set me up well for the day ahead!

In summary, my runs this week were as follows:

Monday: 4.59 miles, paced run on the treadmill

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Rest Days

Friday: 4.55, steady run on the treadmill

Saturday: 3.33 miles, easy run outside

Sunday: 9.07 miles, easy/long run outside

Total of 21.5 miles for the week, with 3 hours, 17 minutes and 4 seconds 'time on feet'


RoyMcC said...

I'm sure I wouldn't get the miles in these days without dragging myself out of bed in the morning. And in the inner city it's far easier at that time - less traffic, people etc. And yes Charlie you can't get away with cosy 9-milers and hen run a mara! But of course you know that.

Charlotte Dutch said...

Hi Roy; great to hear from you, I was starting to wonder if anyone else was visiting my blog apart from me and if it was worth me continuing to upate it! And yes I do know this all too well but I also know that I am able to up my training now to the next level! I will be starting my early morning training from tomorrow, so early to bed tonight for me!!

RoyMcC said...

Nooo, don't stop blogging! When I started running six years ago your enthusiastic blog was one of my inspirations and I'm delighted it's back. I'm sure you've got other visitors too. Look forward to the next update.