Monday, February 02, 2009

Weekly round-up

I have had another good running week although my weekend running was a little disappointing and didn't exactly go to plan. However, I am happy with the progress I am making and as long as I am making progress each week I don't mind the odd disappointment! I did a really good long run this week too (8.59 miles) and a good interval session at the beginning of the these made up for the low mileage at the weekend.

Again I am not planning any major changes for my running this coming week, I'm just going to ensure that I get one longer run in and that I run at least 4 times (5 would be nice, but......).....however due to the weather forecasts I think most of my running this week maybe on the treadmill!! I am not a fair weather runner and don't mind venturing out in the cold, wet and windy conditions but I'm not so sure about running in the snow!

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