Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trading my cosy bed for the treadmill

This morning I traded my cosy warm bed for an early morning run; and I do mean early (4:45am!).......the reason it was this early is that I am working in London today and I had to get a train at 7:14am. Ordinarily if I cannot run in the morning then I try to get out at lunchtime or early evening, but being in London all day means that I won't get home until late too (the joys of commuting!) so the only option was to get up and do my run before the day began. Anyway I am really pleased that I did and it reminded me of a few years back when I used to do pretty much all of my running early in the morning. Somehow, once you have got yourself up (obviously this is the hardest part!) everything else just seems to fall into place and as well as achieving the run that you set out to do, you also feel as if you have achieved so much more (well this is exactly how I felt this morning). I think this feeling comes from the fact that you have done something very worthwhile whilst most others around you (in my house definitely!) are still giving it big Z's!

To the run itself; I did 30 minutes at a steady pace (around 6.2mph) then I decided to try the Galloway Run/Walk method for the final 20 minutes; doing 4 minutes running to 1 minute walking, with an increased pace (around 7mph) when running, and it worked out really well. I have been reading up a little about this method and think that it is something that I will investigate further. I especially think it may be useful for my longer training runs. Anyway this week I thought that I would trial it on a few of my runs and see how it goes; as they say 'nothing ventured nothing gained!'

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