Friday, January 09, 2009

Interval, Steady, Easy

Three days and three runs, wonderful!

I had a couple of days rest at the beginning of the week, so I knew that come Wednesday I would need to get a run in. So as the weather was rather cold and still icy outside I opted for the treadmill. After clambering over all of the packed up Christmas decorations (still waiting to be put away in the loft!) I managed to get to the treadmill and I did a great run. I popped my iPod into the speakers selected the Serena Williams 30 minute Interval Run and off I went. I have used this training workout quite a few times (its one of the Nike+ selections, you can get it from itunes). I like it because she motivates you and also tells you when to up your pace and when to recover; but you can obviously still work within your own levels. I like it because it pushes me and it enables me to mix up my training a little and of course doing this type of training session builds fitness faster (and burns more calories!).

Then yesterday evening, I opted for the treadmill again, this time not because of the weather but because I didn't run until 7pm in the evening, and it was really dark outside. This was another great run; longer (60 minutes) and steady. I felt really good throughout.

Then early this morning, I did another 30 minute run, but just at an easy pace - I didn't really feel up to a run this morning, but I jumped on the treadmill and pushed myself to complete it. I am glad that I did and although it wasn't a great run, its 'time on my feet' and it all helps!

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