Monday, January 05, 2009

Last week was a really good running week....

....and it feels good to have a full week of running under my belt. OK, it wasn’t fast paced running, but at this moment in time I am not concerned about that – I am just concentrating on getting out the door and getting a regular routine in place. As the weeks build up I am sure that my pace will improve. It was just good to get out on a regular basis and complete four good, solid runs.

So to summarise last week, I did the following runs:

Monday: 26:16
Wednesday: 39:51
Friday: 33:33
Sunday: 41:21
Total of 4 runs, with a total 'time on feet' of 02:21:01

All the above runs have been good, but yesterdays was the best of the week; as I actually felt really strong after 40 minutes and if it hadn’t been dark I would have carried on for longer. It may have also been the fact that my daughter Grace came out with me (she was on her bike) and this is a photo of us just before we left.

As you can see it was a very chilly evening, so we had to get wrapped up! However, it was really nice having her company during the run and I think it took my mind off of the running a little. Thank you sweetheart, hope you can come out with me more often.

P.S. I know, its not the most flattering of photos (I have never suited woolly hats!) but at least we were warm!!

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