Wednesday, January 21, 2009


What a fantastic run today; it was cold and frosty but the skies were blue and the sun was shining so I headed off to Willen Lake and set off on my 70 minute run and what a great run it was. I felt strong and controlled throughout and even my pace was faster than I had expected. The sun shining on the lake was a lovely sight and it was great to see so many other people running or walking.

Today I also used my new running shoes for the first time (Asic Kayano 14); these are the make and model that I have had for many years now. They are Asics flagship shoe and unfortunately it also makes them the most expensive, but they are the best shoe I have found for me so I don't mind paying the extra. In fact I managed to get a pair of last years model in the sale as the new model has just come out, so they were only £75 rather than £115!

I am also getting more used to my Nike+ iPod kit and today it really helped. As I set off I set it to a 'distance' challenge of 70 minutes and then I got a voice over every 5 minutes giving me an update on how far I had run. Then, after the half way point he (my voice over is male!) counted down e.g. '25 minutes to go', '20 minutes to go' etc and I found this really helpful and motivational. I am also enjoying listening to more audio-books with it. Since I last posted about audio-books I have finished one other: The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, which was fantastic and I am now listening to The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman which is actually a children's book, but when I read some of the reviews on, many were from adults who had also enjoyed it so I thought that I would give it a go. I haven't read/listened to anything like this before but I am really enjoying it.

Happy running everyone :-)

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